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General terms and conditions

Prices and shipping costs
All prices are displayed in Euro. Depending on the payment system, billing can also be carried out in another currency. In this case, the final amount will be converted at the day's rate.

In the video shop, products are offered for download. Therefore, there will be no shipping charges. For orders in the laundry shop, shipping may be charged.
Your Internet service provider may also charge transmission or volume costs. Please refer your Internet service provider for further Information.

As a rule, all products offered in the shop can be purchased for download. Exceptions are marked as such.
After successful payment we will send you an individual link for download, this link is valid for 7 days and 3 attempts. Should the download fail pleace contact us immediately.

The payment is made in advance by bank transfer (please submit PDF receipt) or via online payment system.
Your credit card charge transaction fees. These are not included in the shop pric

Hellbo Media SRL  
Piața Romană D3
440032  Satu Mare – Romania



Bankverbindung :
Hellbo Denny SRL- Scripca Claudiu Petrisor, Piața Romană D3,  440032  Satu Mare, Romania
Bank BRD / IBAN:RO65BRDE310SV59600023100 / BIC: BRDEROBU

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